DAILY UPDATE - 27 January 2011 at 22:00 GMT

27 Jan '11 BEST EQUITY Index: Madrid IGBM +1.64%...WORST: Dublin ISEQ -0.77%

27 Jan '11 BEST EMERGING MARKETS Index: Bahrain BHSE +0.82%...WORST: India SENSEX -1.50%

27 Jan '11 BEST COMMODITY: Sugar #11 +3.38%...WORST: Nat. Gas -3.56%

27 Jan '11 BEST FX (EUR): EUR/JPY +0.94%...WORST: EUR/CAD +0.03% (positive)
27 Jan '11 BEST FX (USD): USD/JPY +0.75%...WORST: USD/EUR -0.18%
27 Jan '11 BEST FX (GBP): GBP/JPY +0.85%...WORST: GBP/EUR -0.08%

Additional Points of Interest
- Equity Indices were mostly up (yesterday almost all were up)

- The majority Emerging Markets Indices were down for the day

- Most of Commodities were profitable (yesterday all finished profitable)
- Cotton #2 completed its 8th consecutive profitable day

- The Euro, the US Dollar and the UK Pound had all had their best performances today, against the JPY
- The Euro was up against all other major currencies (yesterday was mixed) and completed its 8th consecutive profitable day against the USD
- The US Dollar finished mixed (for the third day in a row) and recorded its 8th consecutive fall against the EUR
- The UK Pound was mostly up (yesterday was up against all other major currencies)

Updated each week-day at 22:00 GMT

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