World Equity Indices

Week's Best Week's Worst Biggest One-Day Rise Biggest One-Day Fall
Athens GD +6.27% Shanghai SHCOMP -2.72% Athens GD +4.46% Shanghai SHCOMP -3.03%

Month's Best
Month's Worst
Biggest One-Day Rise Biggest One-Day Fall
Madrid IGBM  +10.24% Shanghai SHCOMP -3.30% Madrid IGBM +5.61% Shanghai SHCOMP -3.03%

Year's Best
Year's Worst
Biggest One-Day Rise Biggest One-Day Fall
Madrid IGBM  +10.24% Shanghai SHCOMP -3.30% Madrid IGBM +5.61% Shanghai SHCOMP -3.03%

Additional Points of Analysis
- The majority of indices finished the week in the red (the exact opposite of last week)
- The Shanghai SHCOMP was the worst index for the second consecutive week
- The Athens GD was the best daily performer on 3 separate occasions during the week
- The Athens GD recorded a new biggest one-day rise +4.46% on Wed. 19 Jan
- The Shanghai SHCOMP recorded a new biggest one-day loss -3.03% on Mon. 17 Jan
- The Lisbon PSI20 and the Milan MIB both ended the week with 4 consecutive profitable trading days.

- Madrid’s IGBM moved to first place on the monthly/yearly performance
- Shanghai’s SHCOMP continued for the second consecutive week to be the worst monthly/yearly performer
- 4 indices are currently in the red for the month/year (in Jan 2010 almost all indices were in the red)
- 4 indices have an over 5% monthly/yearly increase (Madrid IGBM, Milan MIB, Athens GD and Paris CAC40)

Index17 Jan - 21 JanJanuary201114 January 201121 January 2011DecemberJanuary
New York DOW0.7%2.5%2.5%11,78711,87211,57811,872
London FTSE100-1.8%-0.1%-0.1%6,0025,8965,9005,896
Frankfurt DAX-0.2%2.1%2.1%7,0767,0626,9147,062
Paris CAC400.9%5.6%5.6%3,9834,0173,8054,017
Zurich SMI0.2%2.0%2.0%6,5566,5676,4366,567
Milan MIB3.0%9.5%9.5%21,46022,09420,17322,094
Madrid IGBM4.4%10.2%10.2%1,0591,1071,0041,107
Amsterdam AEX-0.1%1.8%1.8%361361355361
Athens GD6.3%8.7%8.7%1,4461,5371,4141,537
Dublin ISEQ-2.5%-1.4%-1.4%2,9202,8462,8852,846
Lisbon PSI202.7%2.6%2.6%7,5817,7877,5887,787
Toronto S&P/TSX-1.5%-1.4%-1.4%13,46413,25913,44313,259
Tokyo NIKKEI-2.1%0.4%0.4%10,49910,27510,22910,275
Hong Kong HANG SENG-1.7%3.7%3.7%24,28323,87723,03523,877
Shanghai SHCOMP-2.7%-3.3%-3.3%2,7912,7152,8082,715
Sydney S&P/ASX200-1.0%0.2%0.2%4,8024,7564,7454,756

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