Major Indices- 5 Year Review (2006 - 2010)

5 year Best Performing Index: The Hong Kong HANG SENG was the best performing index for the past 5 years, with an increase 50.1% (on average +15.3% per year). It gained 7,691 points (on average +1,538 points per year) and had 4 out of the 5 years profitable. It was the best performing index for 2006 (+30.4%), 2007 (+36.8%) and 2009 (+50.0%), although during its only losing year (2008) it was the worst performing index (-47.7%). It is worth pointing out that in 2010, although profitable, its percentage rate of increase was 7.2% a long way away from the 30%-50% increases of 2006, 2007 and 2009. It is also worth mentioning that in 2009 it was the only index that recouped and gained ground on the previous year's losses.

5 year Worst Performing Index: Tokyo's NIKKEI was the worst performing index of the past 5 years (and the only one of the 6 indices to have a negative performance for the 2006-2010 period), with a fall of 36.36% (on average -5.9% per year). It lost 5,895 points (on average -1,179 per year) and had 3 out of the 5 years in the red. Its worst year was 2008 (-43.1%) and its best 2009 (+20.0%). It is also worth mentioning that it was the index with the lowest positive performance in 2006 (+6.8%), the worst (and only losing index) in 2007 (-9.6%), the second worst performing index of 2008 (-43.1%), the index with the second lowest positive performance in 2009 (+20.0%) and the worst performing index of 2010 (-3.8%).

End 2005End 2006End 2007End 2008End 2009End 20102006-2010 Average2006-2010 Actual
New York Dow10,78512,51113,2658,77610,42811,578159793
London FTSE1005,6196,2456,4984,4345,4135,90056281
Frankfurt DAX5,4596,6128,0674,8105,9576,9142911,456
Toronto S&P/TSX11,62012,91013,8218,83111,74613,4433651,823
Tokyo NIKKEI16,12417,22615,5658,86010,63410,229-1,179-5,895
Hong Kong HANG SENG15,34420,00227,37114,32821,49723,0351,5387,691

Last Updated 2 January, 2011

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