Metals- 5 Year Review (2006 - 2010)

Silver: Metals have been a particularly profitable investment the past five years (2006-2010). Out of the four metals reviewed, the most profitable one was Silver with an increase of +246.9% (a yearly average of 34.3%). The biggest yearly increase for Silver was in 2010 (+80.3%) and its worst yearly performance was in 2008 (-26.9%).

Palladium: Palladium was the metal with the second highest increase for the period, +208.9% (a yearly average of +41.2%). Palladium was the metal with the highest increase in both 2009 (+114.8) and 2010 (+102.8%) but also the one with the biggest decrease in 2008 (-49.7%). During the past two years, Palladium has in effect risen by a phenomenal 336%.

Gold: Despite coming only third, Gold has had an increase of 174% (a yearly average of +22.7%) during the 2006-2010 period and was the only metal from the 4 examined that saw yearly rises in every single one of the 5 years. This makes it by far the most reliable profit-wise metal during the 2006-2010 period. Its best year was 2007 (+31.9%) and its least profitable year was 2008 (+4.3%). 

Platinum: Platinum was last and the metal with the least amount of return for the past 5 years, managing nonetheless a tremendous +81.9% (a yearly average of 18.9%). Platinum had its best year in 2009 (+62.7%) and its worst in 2008 (-41.3%). It was the best performing metal of 2007.

End 2005End 2006End 2007End 2008End 2009End 20102006-2010 Average2006-2010 Actual

Last Updated 2 January, 2011

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